Welcome to The Little French Cottage

French cottage

Here is a little bit more about The little French Cottage and how this blog came to be………

         ‘The Little French Cottage’ is an ideal, a dream.

A daydream of boulangeries full of buttery croissants and warm baguettes, crystal clear water, the almost toxic smell of lavender and a small cottage all of our own. A little piece of France…

I while away the hours scrolling, drooling and reminiscing about holidays past. We all know them….those holidays that you don’t really want to come home from!

The husband is a ‘doer’. He likes to plan and achieve. I suspect that it is his ‘doing’ that will eventually lead us to achieving our dream (if we are that lucky).

Or maybe, just maybe, my daydreams will be the start of something special….

I hope that you enjoy this blog and that it helps to bring a little piece of France to your everyday.

Signed a dreamer x


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Dream cottage photo supplied by @moments_in_France (IG)