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How to use Lavender Oil

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Gathering Dust!

We all have that bottle of lavender oil that we brought back from our holidays. It has sat in the cupboard gathering dust and each time we open the cupboard we think…. I must google what I can do with that! I must be able to do a million things with it!

Where to buy your Lavender Oil

You are right. The benefits of lavender oil are endless. It is great for your hair, your skin, for aiding sleep and can be used around the home as a cleaning product.


Castle Farm

Lavender oil was discovered 2,500 years ago and is known for its health benefits. It is the oil to calm and heal. However therapeutic practices also suggest using it to help with headaches, insect bites and skin issues. It is such a versatile oil.

How to use it on my skin

Lavender oil has anti-bacterial properties, so it is great for acne and itchy skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties. So, if you get an insect bite or a spot, dap a bit of lavender oil on to ease itching and inflammation. You can add lavender oil to a base oil or moisturizer if you prefer something milder.

Sunrise botanics

If you plan to use lavender oil with a base oil on your face, then make sure you choose a base oil that doesn’t clog pores. Almond oil or olive oil are good choices. Coconut oil can be a good base for your body but can be too heavy for your face.

How to use it on my hair and body

Lavender oil (just a drop) can be massaged into your temples to help you relax or ease a headache. It can also be used effectively during your menstrual cycle. Try adding a few drops of lavender oil to a base oil or moisturizer and massage your tummy to ease cramps or lower back to ease the aching. It makes a great body scrub too with salt and a base oil.

Lavender body scrub

Lavender oil can also help to reduce dandruff by mixing a couple of drops with your usual shampoo.

How to use it to aid sleep

I often add Lavender oil it to almond oil and use it as a body moisturizer after a warm bath to help me sleep. I like that it moisturizes as well as relaxes me before bed. Again, you only need to add a few drops. I also like to add it to bath salts and add a sprinkle of dried lavender too. We have a lovely Lavender Bath Salts Recipe that you could try.

Lavender bath salts

It is said that the smell of lavender reduces anxiety and relaxes the brain, rejuvenating you as you sleep. You could introduce lavender oil into your bedtime routine by putting a small amount on a tissue under your bed or in a room spray or diffuser. There are many companies that sell lavender products ready to use. If you are in Canada you must try From The Garden Shed who sell slightly more unusual products such a Lavender fire bundles to create a wonderful aroma through your home fire and lovely lavender bath bombs to help you relax before bed. If you are in the UK there are many companies closer to home selling a wide variety of natural lavender products. We love the products by Neals Yard 

How to use it as a cleaning product

Lavender oil is a great product for green cleaning. Its floral aroma is more delicate than other oils often used for green cleaning such as eucalyptus but still has the antibacterial and deodorizing properties. To refresh your carpets, add 8 drops of lavender oil to ½-cup baking soda. Sprinkle over the carpet, wait a couple of minutes, and then hoover it up.

You can use lavender oil to disinfect surfaces by adding 2 cups of white vinegar and 3-5 drops of lavender oil  to a clean spray bottle and give it a good shake. We like that this disinfectant will last years. Another great tip is a add a couple of drops to your iron or steam cleaner.

What brand do I buy?

It is important to buy good quality oil. There are so many varieties of lavender and different lavender oils being produced. Make sure you check that what you are buying is essential oil. Cheaper oils can often be diluted (maybe with synthetic ingredients) and might not have the same benefits as an essential oil.

Lavender oil

We buy ours straight off the fields of Provence when in France but there are some great oils here at home too. We often use Neal’s Yard Remedies Lavender Essential Oil. It is one of their best sellers and the company is known for using the highest percentage of organic ingredients possible in its products.

The UK has many lavender farms of its own and these can be a great place to get lavender oil and other lavender products or gifts. In particular we like the range from Castle Farm Kent, such as their Premium Lavender Oil. There are also good worldwide online companies such as Sunrise Botanics that do a wide variety of oils, from a range of countries. They also do a wonderful range of teas!

Now what?

So, now you can get that little bottle out from the back of your cupboard and enjoy the many benefits it can bring. We hope that you found this article useful and look forward to bringing you more lavender inspired recipes, tips and tricks over the next few weeks. Don’t forget to follow us for regular updates on new posts.

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NB: This article is for informational purposes only. Always consult with a doctor before making any significant changes to your health and wellness routine.
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