Flan Patissier

Flan Pâtissier (Parisian) Recipe

A French Classic

This flan could quite possibly be my favourite dessert (although I do love a cheesecake…..A LOT).  Flan Pâtissier (or Parisian) is a simple custard tart and a classic French recipe. I first tried this flan on holiday in Paris. Sat outside a cafe on a Spring afternoon. Perfect. However, it was only recently that I started making it myself. I love the simplicity of it. And it is hugely popular with the kids too. They love the deep custard filling.

To make this recipe you will need an 18 to 22 cm tart tin, pie dish or cake mold and 200 grams of short crust or puff pastry. I buy mine (cheating I know!)



For the base

200 grams short crust or puff pastry

For the Custard Filling

500 ml milk

125 ml pure cream

100 grams egg yolks (4 large egg yolks approx.)

1 vanilla pod

120 grams caster sugar

50 grams cornstarch/flour



  1. In a large bowl, whisk the eggs and sugar together until it becomes a cream like color. Next add the corn flour/starch and incorporate the mix.


  1. In a saucepan, on medium to high heat, bring to the boil the milk, cream, and vanilla pod (split open, making sure you scrap the beans out) and add them in the milk too.


  1. When the milk reaches boiling point turn the heat off and take out the vanilla pod. Next pour the milk over your egg mix. Do this a little bit at a time while whisking gently but continuously. Keep on going until all the milk is incorporated.


  1. Pour all the mix you just made back into the saucepan. turn the heat on medium high and bring to the boil while stirring continuously. The mixture will quickly thicken and then needs to be turned down to low and cooked for a good 5 minutes as you gently whisk it. The custard filling is complete.


  1. Pour all of your custard into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap to the touch (meaning your plastic wrap has to be in contact with the custard to avoid that crust form on top) when done let the custard completely cool in the fridge.


  1. Prepare your tin by coating it with a little bit of butter then lightly dust it with flour to stop the pastry sticking. Carefully lay and gently press your pastry into the tin.


  1. When ready take out your custard and whisk it so that it becomes more workable. Tip it into the pastry tin and flatten the top with a spatula to make sure the surface is even.


  1. Bake the flan at 170 to 180 degrees Celsius \ 338 – 356 Fahrenheit for 35 minutes (or until a golden crust has formed on top)


  1. Once cooked make sure you let it cool down completely before serving. Your classic French flan is now ready. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: @_Maheri_ (beautiful instagram account)

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