Soap Sniffing in Provence

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Choices, choices!

Anyone who has holiday-ed in France has no doubt spent hours gazing at rows and rows of colourful soaps in bustling French markets. So hot you can hardly breath! And the call of an ice-cold drink in the café central is getting stronger by the minute. But there are choices to be made…

So many colours! So many smells! Which one should we get? Should we get 3 for 6 Euros? Do we need six soaps? Well, they do last. We just don’t know.

Let’s just smell a few…..and a few more…..let me smell that first one again (cue glare from market stall trader). I like the almande…no the fresh linen….well I must get the lavender one. We are in Provence after all!

So much choice! Such a big decision! Soap sniffing in Provence. 

Let’s go for that drink at the café central to think about it. 

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  1. Love this and loved the title too!

    1. Hi Sarah. Thanks so much. Are you an soap sniffing addict too?

  2. Soap sniffing sounds like a fun activity! I always like exploring different scents and these are so pretty.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes we could spend hours at the soap stall of a French market. 🙂

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