I am not sure that Instagram loves me back!

Today I am in a pondering mood. After much thought, I am just not sure that Instagram loves me back? ??

I leapt into my new ‘Business Instagram Account’ with great gusto! First mistake. ?

I wanted to build friendships, reach far and wide and of course share all my much loved photos………………….Instagram wanted to block me.

And block me.

And block me!

It turns out that in the world of Instagram, enthusiasm is suspicious. Too suspicious. Which I kind of understand. I recently had an old college friend get back in touch. And wow was she happy. You know the type. Selling me her new healthy lifestyle and business venture. And like Instagram. I was suspicious. Could she really be that happy? Is anyone THAT happy about a few fizzy vitamin sticks? Or was it just a big sales pitch.

I wanted to ask her. Maybe I should have. But I didn’t. So I will probably never know now. And (like Instagram) shall continue to be suspicious. Albeit under my breath.

What I do know though Instagram, is that I am not Spam! Never have been and never will be. I just love my new Instagram account.

So Instagram please love me back.. just a teeny, tiny bit! ?


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